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Now we have a AutoSPInstallerGUI, as simple web application specially designed for SP 2010 and 2013 installations. This will make our lives easy dealing with configuration part.

All you need to do is download #1. AutoSPInstaller and #2. AutoSPInstallerGUI from respective links.

Recommended Download

Source Code AutoSPInstaller 3.87

source code, 89K, uploaded May 10 - 46508 downloads

Other Available Downloads

Documentation ReadMe.rtf

documentation, 59K, uploaded Feb 19, 2011 - 9776 downloads

Release Notes

Package consisting of AutoSPInstaller (v3.x) files. The SharePoint / CodePlex community as always deserves big thanks for support, input and contributions! This release is stable for both SP2010 and SP2013.

Recommended Download

Application AutoSPInstallerGUI-00021 XML 3.87

application, 149K, uploaded Jul 9 - 2943 downloads

Other Available Downloads

Example Multi Server XML Example

example, 14K, uploaded May 29 - 346 downloads

Example Single Server XML Example

example, 13K, uploaded May 29 - 212 downloads

Release Notes

Supports XML 3.87
Increased the ToolTip Timeout

AutoSPInstaller has all the required batch files, configuration files, Powershell script files, and pre-requisite installer files.
AutoSPInstallerGUI has a simple windows application, using which we modify the installer file in AUtoSPInstaller.


If this is so simple, why I am writing this post!

There are some common mistakes that we need to avoid and Common practices we need to follow for creating a better environment for our usage.

Even after using all the above mentioned stuff, some of us may be stuck with some issues like
- Creating SQL alias "SPSQL"...

- Testing access to SQL server/instance/alias: SPSQL

- Trying to connect to "SPSQL"... – Fail

- Script halted!

- Connection Error. Check server name, port, firewall.
Press any key to exit...                     (Resolution: Refer to #5 mentioned below)


- SharePoint 2013 setup completed in 00:00:25.
WARNING: 2013/07/07 11:15:05:907::[4632] Error: Invalid Product Key Type: 30::InvalidCDKey.
- Script halted!
- Review the log file and try to correct any error conditions.
Press any key to exit...                   (Resolution: Get correct Key)
- Creating Site Collection http://MACWIN2K12:8080...

- Script halted!

Exception : Microsoft.SharePoint.SPException: User cannot be found

(Resolution: Refer to #4 mentioned below)
- Restarting service SPTraceV4...
- Provisioning Enterprise Search...
- Script halted!

Exception : System.Management.Automation.ParameterBindingValidationException: Cannot bind argument to
parameter 'String' because it is an empty string.      
(Resolution: password missing for one of the accounts in config file)

One good thing about AutoSPInstaller is, you can simply re-run the whole script to make if work after your corrections. You doesn't need to rollback anything to re-run.

So, please follow the below steps and practices to create SP 2013 machine.

Please follow the instructions mentioned in here



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