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The Bright Banner App featuring beautiful and easy to use slider with a nice multiple transitions.

The thumbnails and buttons provide easy navigation of banners slides.

This HTML banner built to be responsive and configurable through the app part properties.




  • Touch-friendly navigation for slider and thumbnails.
  • 16 Beautiful Transition Effects.
  • Able to load puffed up number of images, each with customizable description and hyperlink.
  • Show or hide slides by use active/inactive feature.
  • Responsive Size of slides and thumbnails can be dynamically changed.
  • Works with all SharePoint sites types, including Office 365 Public Sites.

Upcoming Features (V1.3)

The Upcoming Release will allow app author to:

  • Change thumbnails links.
  • Add unique stylesheet.
  • Add more than one instance of slider.
  • Change slides order.


  • If you find this App useful please add you review on SharePoint app store and submit your feedback and issues to issues section

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